You look into my eyes, your anger multiplies,
Grudges and lies, that’s the Roma style.
Get out of my face, Give me my space,
Because you’re a Rom, you don’t deserve my embrace.

I refuse to be with you,
It took one look to know we’re through,
I won’t love your darkened hue,
I’m off to find somebody new.

Look in the mirror, you will see,
You’re almost as dark as me,
There are other of fish in the sea,
Why should I beg for your mercy!

First you said you loved me, then you didn’t want me anymore,
You’re heart is full of lies, love for you is just a chore,
I know you lament the day,
You left me for another lady, now I’m crazy, crazy,
And I don’t want to be with you today, see,
Now I’m the one with the grudge against you,
Because your love isn’t true, and now you’re begging me to stay,
Go away, find somebody new, I beg you.

Now baby, you will see,
How love can turn to sorrow,
Though you’re my fantasy,
I won’t be here tomorrow.