Dosta Sine – Enough Already

Enough already, we’re not small anymore,
Talkin’ to the whole world, bringin’ rhymes to the floor,
Enough already, we’re not small anymore,
With a message for the world, and they’ll get it, for sure.

Enough already, for the Roma nation,
Like it our not, a part of civilization,
Enough already, we need emancipation,
How much longer will we take this segregation?
They say it isn’t there, that for everyone life’s fair,
Those of us who care are rare, but we know too well it’s there.
Enough already, yeah, we don’t ask for much,
Just a dose of respect and to be in touch.

It’s about time for our suffering to end,
For a normal life where we don’t have to fend,
We want jobs, the real deal, not washing windshields,
Not collectin’ cardboard with a cart with one wheel,
Going through life getting a raw deal,
Or getting thrown in jail because they say we steal,
Selling pirate disks just to get a meal,
Don’t try to say this segregation’s not real.

And why does the whole world think that we are pests?
It’s the same old blame from the east to west,
Livin’ in a mess while the rest are blessed,
Gettin’ by with less than they spend getting dressed.

It’s enough bigotry, when we walk down the street,
People think we’re filthy, that we’re dirty gypsies,
But it’s time they see, just how great we can be,
Once we become free from this partiality.