I’m so very well to do, I drive a fancy car,
I’m a rich business man, spending grands because I can.

Getting ready for work as the morning sun’s beaming,
Pressed suit, nice tie, shoes polished ’til they’re gleaming,
I’ve gotta look good, it’s important to me,
So I’ve got a nice car that everyone can see,
There it is parked outside my door,
When I see the tank’s on E my jaw hits the floor,
Ohhh, what’s a businessman to do,
I’ve gotta walk through the Mahala in my fancy shoes!

It’s the Roma ghetto, also known as the Mahala,
Before I even got in a woman asked me for a dollar,
I said “Scram! Go get a job and a white collar!”
It’s her own damn fault that she’s living in squalor.
Then I saw my shoes, which were completely soiled,
So I started to run before my blood reached a boil,
I can’t find the gas station, what am I to do,
How will I tell my boss what I’m going through?

I’m running late to work today, They’ll throw my contract away,
I sure hope he’ll let me stay,

I have a mortgage to pay!

Finally, I got fuel, and I started my car,
Got to the traffic light, and things got bizarre,
Two little kids wouldn’t let me pass,
They wanted some change and they wanted it fast,
I didn’t have any small coins in my pocket,
No way, they wouldn’t budge, I was screaming “stop it!”
It looks like I’m going to be really late!
Those dirty Roma are ruining my fate!

I finally got to the building and ran up the stairs,
But some woman screamed when I went in there:

“Get out of here, you dirty swine, you’re covered in slime!”

When I got to my floor, my boss called me to a meeting,
As I went to his office, you could hear my heart beating!

Oh, dirty man, how’d you lose your shoe lace?
And you stink like a pig, and there’s mud on your face!
Go home take a shower, you smell like a dog,
You’re worse than the Roma, you filthy hog!