Kartoni Cave – Cardboard Kids

Here we are, cardboard kids,
Stepped on and tossed in the bin,
Here we are, cardboard kids,
Everyone neglects the mess we’re in.


I’m a cardboard boy, my best friend’s the wind,
It’s taken me through cities from end to end,
I’ve seen the whole world and the world’s seen me,
And when the sun comes out it’s heavenly,
But then comes the rain, and I get soaking wet,
And then comes the pain, I’ve nowhere to set
My head down to rest, no shelter from the storm,
When I’m stuck in the mud I wish I’d never been born.

When an orphan found me,
I was a nice shoe box,
He wrote a note for the elite
in their argyle socks:
Sirs, I polish shoes for a reasonable fee,
5 cents and your shoes are shiny as can be.
He needed the cash to buy books for school,
And he took care of me because I was a tool,
So he wouldn’t spend his whole life sitting on a stool,
Shining shoes for men with their own private pools.

I’ll hold this cardboard dear, I’ll always keep it near, so it won’t disappear, eeeeeee.
In a frame it will be set, so I that don’t forget, the day that we got married and the way that we met.

Now I’m ripped to pieces, scattered on the ground,
And the wind picked me up and it’s blowing me around,
Nobody wants me in the state that I’m in,
Ever since the orphan left me by the trash bin,
People step on me, cover me with dirt,
They push me deep in the mud, now I’ve got no worth,
Not even the garbage man will pick me up,
I’m a cardboard boy, I guess that’s just my luck.

The wind blew me away for the final time,
I didn’t know what to say, or what future was mine,
I fell next to a couple sitting in the park,
When I listened in, there was a light in the dark,
The boy looked at the girl, and his smile grew wide,
He loves her and wants her to be his bride,
He wrote “Will you marry me?” on one of my bits,
And the girl said “yes,” and she gave him a kiss,
He will keep this cardboard for the rest of his life,
In a golden frame, for him and his wife.