Roma Sijam – We are Roma

I’m not ashamed that I’m a Rom,
Even though we don’t really have a home,
We stick together through our lives,
We live as Roma, as Roma we will die!

We think about it every night,
Why are Roma people always pushed out of sight?
How can anyone think this is right?
Why can’t we live as Roma without fright?
I just want to be like any other man,
Living my life the best way that I can,
I want to be treated like a human being,
I’m sick of people looking right through me.

As far as style goes, yeah, you know we’re pros,
Throwin’ rhymes and prose that keep you on your toes,
Even my baby brother’s got master flow,
We’re better than the others, that’s why our audience grows.

Yeah you’d best permit yourself to admit,
That we Roma kids are equipped to commit a fit,
Of scholastic rhymes, not drastic crimes,
And it’s about time people open their minds.

We’re sick of living with a bad reputation,

Fighting insults with our songs, Proving stereotypes wrong.

It’s time the world respects the Roma nation.

Say it loud, we are proud to be Roma, no doubt.

I was raised a Rom, I’m not ashamed,
I was raised a Rom, Roma is our name!

We live as Roma, We live as Roma, as Roma we will die!
You wouldn’t believe what we’ve seen in our lives,
We suffered too much, they’ve persecuted us,
For our people, life is rough, our days are tough,
We’ve had enough, now we want to live,
To show the world what we have to give,
We live as Roma, We live as Roma, as Roma we will die!

I’ve been here in Serbia for 18 years already,
And I don’t ask for much, just a life that’s steady,
I am a Rom, and I’m proud, and you better not forget me,
We Roma stick together, cuz it’s a battle for us to get free.

Do you see what they’ve done? SEE
Do you hear what they’ve said? HEAR
Do you think we deserved all of that? NO
So listen closely to the song that we wrote.