Shunen Akana – Listen Up Now

Listen up now to us boys and girls,
To the kind of music we brought into this world,
If you hear us now, get up on your feet,
We’ll do the singing if you feel the beat.

Listen to this drum and bass,
For four years we’ve rocked the place,
Rapping at you with style and grace,
Rhyming at a rocket pace,
Nothing’s gonna bring us down,
Writing the best raps in town,
Now you see how much we know,
How we rock our master flow.

Yeah you think you’ve partied hard,
You think you live like a rock star,
Just wait until you see our style,
Then you’ll see who’s acting wild,
Straight from Serbia for you,
We’ll party the whole night through,
We’re Roma, and  we’re proud to be,
Listen up now, one, two, three.

Come on, now, get up and dance,
Don’t be scared, give them a chance,
Look at everything they’ve done,
Making songs, having fun,
Their music will fill your hearts,
You’ll love it from the start,
We wish you well, the very best,
Live in health, and be blessed.

Listen up now to the new hip-hop,
Headed straight on for the top,
Songs constructed just for you,
So you can dance the whole day through,
Listen listen but let, let,
Your heart sing, yeah, don’t you fret,
Let us hear you loud and clear,
A party is going on right here.

All Roma from Serbia,
Are going to sing songs just for you,
To what we do, listen up now,
Come on, Bibi, tell them how!